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Posted by on July 13, 2016 |

Zouarete, Mauritania - 24 January, 2016:
Donkeys on the wagons full of iron mineral with final destination the city of Nouadhibou.

The Iron Train is one of the longest train in the world, the train is about 2.5 km. A journey that goes from Nouadhibouh to Zouerate, totaling 652 km in the middle of the Sahara desert that lasts about 20 hours. An epic journey where residents, poor and penniless use dangerous train to visit relatives in the homeland or carrying goods such as live animals. High temperatures during the day and very low temperatures during the night makes the journey not easy. But the worst is the dust that is produced by wagons full of iron minerals that come from a mine from 30km of Zouarate to be unloaded in cargo boats in the port of Nouadhibouh.
CREDIT: Daniel Rodrigues