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Ng Hui Hsien’s “The Weight of Air”

Posted by on September 9, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

Photo © Hui Hsien Ng
Photo © Hui Hsien Ng

Spurred by a “personal search for quiet,” photographer Ng Hui Hsien obtained a one-month artist residency in Iceland to create her series “The Weight of Air.” Trained in sociology, with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the National University of Singapore, Ng turned to photography just a few years ago to fill a void... More

Jason Koxvold’s “BLACK-WATER”

Posted by on August 17, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

Photo © Jason Koxvold
Photo © Jason Koxvold

Brooklyn-based photographer Jason Koxvold was researching Kuwait on Google Earth when he first got the idea for his series “BLACK-WATER.” He explains: “I could see that a significant part of the country was occupied by U.S. military facilities,” he says—and he wanted to photograph them. After working for many years as a creative director for... More

Emerging Photographer is Open For Submissions!

Posted by on August 10, 2016 | Contests/Events, Media

Photo © Driely S.
Photo © Driely S.

Our sister magazine, Emerging Photographer, is seeking fresh work for the Winter 2016 issue. All photographers with around five years or less of professional experience are eligible to enter. Perks include a feature in the print + online magazine, which is designed to focus on what matters: the work. The magazine is distributed to more than... More

Filippo Venturi’s “Made in Korea”

Posted by on August 2, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

Photo © Filippo Venturi
Photo © Filippo Venturi

Italian photographer Filippo Venturi was reading a tourism dossier on South Korea when he developed a curiosity about the country. This curiosity eventually led to his series “Made in Korea,” an exploration of the country’s rapid advancements in technology and its economic growth. But at the time, he didn’t know much about Korean culture. “Every... More

Daniel Rodrigues’s “The Iron Train”

Posted by on July 13, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

The Iron Train, which starts its journey in Nouadhibou and ends in Zouérat, travels more than 405 miles through the Sahara Desert over the course of 20 hours. The extreme shifts in temperature from day to night make for uneasy travel conditions, but “the worst,” photographer Daniel Rodrigues says, “is the dust produced by wagons... More

The Koreans of Kazakhstan

Posted by on June 30, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

In 1937, almost 172,000 Koreans who had settled in the Russian Far East were forcibly deported to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan during the rule of Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin, under the guise of preventing Japanese espionage in the region. Around 40,000 people died during the perilous journey and the harsh Kazakh winters that followed the... More

Gaia Squarci’s “Mars on Earth”

Posted by on June 24, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

What would it be like to live on Mars? Photographer Gaia Squarci only had to travel 7,900 miles—as opposed to 35-50 million miles—to answer that question through her series “Mars on Earth.” HI-SEAS is a series of missions, each progressively longer, that monitors the psychological effects of humans in pro-longed isolation. It takes place in... More