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Escape this summer with YPA’s 2013 Mentorship Program

Posted by on April 25, 2013 | Contests/Events, Education

Calling all students!

The Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) has finalized locations for its 2013 summer mentoring program, and is setting up nineteen teams in the following international locations:

• Anchorage, Alaska
• Los Angeles, California
• Orlando, Florida
• New Orleans, Louisiana
• Minneapolis, Minnesota
• Kansas City, Missouri
• New York, New York
• Columbus, Ohio
• Portland, Oregon
• Dallas, Texas
• Nashville, Tennessee
• Seattle, Washington
• Ottawa, Canada
• Toronto, Canada
• Beijing, China
• Glasgow, United Kingdom
• Bristol, United Kingdom
• London, United Kingdom
• Mumbai, India

This program picks up where school leaves off by providing emerging photographers and talented students with the opportunity to work with some of today’s most successful professionals.

Over a ten-week period from June 1 to August 15, mentors in each city provide encouragement and assistance to a team of young photographers entering the field, during eight two-hour sessions, (days and times to be determined by each team at the first meeting).

All teams will photograph a common theme, this year titled “Escape”. We invite you to explore what the word means to you, using the power of photography to communicate, document and inspire.

Results will be featured in a New York exhibition and will be prominently displayed to a worldwide audience.


Exhibition at Calumet Gallery © 2012 Robert Herman

Participants in YPA’s mentorship program will:
• Fine tune their craft
• Create images for their portfolios
• Gain experience and insights from leading industry professionals
• Explore markets for the program and their work
• Be included in a global program (including US, Canada, China, India and the UK)
• Have their work prominently displayed to a global market
• Push themselves to expand their boundaries and potential

“This experience was one of growth and learning for me. I have no doubt it can help others my age too. So I highly encourage more to come. It was a fantastic experience all around.”

Kelly Lazendorfer – 2010 Mentee PA Team

Program requirements:
• You must be between 18 and 29, a recent graduate or currently enrolled in a photography course.

• YPA21 membership ($21) is required, which includes access to mentoring program and other valuable resources.

To apply:
Upload 5 to 8 of your best images
A letter of recommendation from an instructor or mentor
A written description of your photographic experience to date (classes, competitions, etc.)
A short statement of how you might approach the theme of escape

Heads’ up, the deadline for applications is Friday, May 10. All applicants will be notified about their status in the program by Friday,May 31. Don’t miss this great opportunity to make professional connections and expand your photographic experience.

For more details and to apply, click here.


© Natalie Halford (UK), 2011 Mentee

“This experience has taught me a lot and I am glad I was able to be a part of it. The skills I have learned will be put into all the work I do in the future.”

Shelby Fry – 2012 Mentee Chicago team