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Student Photo Op: Veronica Sage McAvoy

Posted by on June 2, 2016 | Student Photography

The work of photographer Veronica Sage McAvoy was brought to our attention after a recent portfolio review at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her still-life series “Entropy” is an exploration of color, placement and relationships that toy with the value of significance—and insignificance. McAvoy is an undergraduate student and will graduate from FIT in spring 2017.

From McAvoy: “In an ongoing series titled “Entropy,” I create still lifes around the idea of a lack of predictability and the gradual decline into disorder. Dollar-store tchotchkes are painted a solid color, then paired with other household items. The photograph’s monochromatic nature brings both items to the same playing field and level of ‘importance’. “Entropy” is a counter-action to the fine-art world, unjustly placing exaggerated meaning on insignificant things. Look all you want and try to read into these pieces, but the images were created with no other intention besides being there and existing for what they are. Things don’t always have to have a deeper meaning to be beautiful.”

All photos © Veronica Sage McAvoy


© Veronica Sage McAvoy

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