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Redefining Family: Mamie Heldman’s “Together, Us.”

Posted by on July 11, 2016 | Student Photography

What constitutes a family? In Mamie Heldman‘s series “Together, Us,” the Brooklyn-based photographer takes pictures of people who have formed interpersonal bonds through shared experiences, commonality, and romantic relationships. She writes: “As young adults emerge into the world and move away from the various forms of community that have defined their sense of belonging, there is an intuitive search to form surrogate familial bonds that go beyond companionship, but lend directly to the integral pathway of self-identity.”

Heldman is a recent graduate of the International Center of Photography’s Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program, and I met with her during ICP’s Career Day portfolio reviews. Her series is not only an exploration of how relationships solidify a sense of identity, but a study of gesture and expression. Her subjects, together, make up a larger composition that speak to the “shape” of a community.

All photos © Mamie Heldman

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