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Filippo Venturi’s “Made in Korea”

Posted by on August 2, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

Italian photographer Filippo Venturi was reading a tourism dossier on South Korea when he developed a curiosity about the country. This curiosity eventually led to his series “Made in Korea,” an exploration of the country’s rapid advancements in technology and its economic growth. But at the time, he didn’t know much about Korean culture. “Every [aspect] of South Korea is little known in Italy, especially in the field of photography,” he explains.

Venturi began researching and gathering contacts in 2014, and by the summer of 2015 he was ready to travel to Korea. His route took him from Seoul to the North Korean border, then southeast to Busan before returning to Seoul.

The project, he says, reflects upon a few major themes. “Perfection is pursued in every aspect of [South Korean} life: education, career and esthetics,” he says. “Uniformity is the key, and this causes worrying collateral effects, such as great psychological pressure.”

The compositions in his body of work are strongly linked to these motifs. Venturi looked for formality, tidiness and precision when framing his images of both places and people. Venturi’s clean, graphic approach was well matched for the orderliness of cities like Busan and Seoul.

While Venturi usually creates reportage-style photography and video, he frequently pursues personal projects that he finds interesting. “Made in Korea” is one of these projects, and it has garnered a few prizes since its creation: second prize at the Sony World Photography awards, winner of the New Talent section at the Fondazione Fotografia Modena in Italy, and third prize at the Moscow International Foto Awards.

–Taryn Swadba

Photos © Filippo Venturi


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