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Norwegian Burlesque Artists, ‘Undressed.’

Posted by on October 31, 2016 | Photographer Interviews

It’s a relief to come home, kicks your shoes off and get comfortable—especially if you’re shedding your 6-inch heels, fishnets and a corset.

Such is the life of a burlesque dancer, the focus of Maria Gossé‘s ongoing series “Undressed.” We covered Gossé’s documentary series on hard-partying Norwegian high schoolers this summer, but “Undressed” takes a more formal approach, with portraits in each of her subject’s homes. Some dancers drop the stage act while others pose for her, but each portrait is intimate in its own way. In this project, Gossé poses the question: “Where do their personalities end and stage characters begin?”

All photos © Maria Gossé



Carina Carlsen, aka Fifi von Tassel, is a feminist, receptionist and body-positivism activist. She works tirelessly to promote body acceptance, and uses a lot of humor in her burlesque acts.



Marea Vigesaa, aka Miss Knockout Noire, is Norwegian-American and one of Norway’s more experienced burlesque artists. She was raised by drag queens in New York and is also a professional cello player.



Olav André Gravseth, aka Miss Flora F. Ellatio is Norway’s only “boylesque” artist. He is an educated dancer and works as a bartender at a karaoke bar.



Becky Kilcline Abbott, aka Novelty Starr, credits burlesque for giving her a better and more accepting relationship with her body, and sees it as a means of play and personal liberation. She is a former preschool teacher who studies theatrical makeup and works part-time at a sex fetish shop.