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Behind the (Luxury) Curtain: Life in Monaco

Posted by on May 23, 2017 | Photographer Interviews

Though quality of life can be measured in a number of ways, life in Monaco seems to hit all the marks: as the second-smallest country in the world, it has high life expectancy, luxurious standards of living, beautiful scenery and a mild climate. And, as Ottavia Fabbri’s photography series “One in Three” indicates, a third of its population are millionaires.

Through her series, Fabbri gives a peek inside the lifestyle of Monaco’s 38,000 residents, who occupy only around .75 square miles of land—roughly the size of Central Park in New York. “These pictures aim to portray Monaco through its wealthy inhabitants, to get closer to what we consider unreachable or untouchable,” she explains. “[They] offer the experience of the contact with a very unique lifestyle, due to economical comfort and life opportunities.”

Fabbri’s series is ongoing and she plans to make more trips to the city-state from Italy, where she is based. Keep up with her work at ottaviafabbri.com and @ottaviafabbriphotography.

All photos © Ottavia Fabbri