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Polaroid Notes Written Far From Home

Posted by on May 9, 2017 | Photographer Interviews

Documentary photographer Nicolas Enriquez has begun a new collaborative mixed-media project, “The Chronicles of an Odyssey,” that combines Polaroid portraits of migrants and refugees with their handwritten thoughts and messages.

“[I asked them] to decorate [their] own image freely with colors. A lot of them write love messages, messages to their moms, countries [and] loved ones; others draw important memories or write quotes,” Enriquez says. “It was very important for me to have a collaboration with the person being photographed and to give them a tool to communicate.”

See the full body of work here.

All photos © Nicolas Enriquez

Ahmad/Afghanistan/23 years old. “World is my country.”


Ayoub/Afghanistan/22 years old. Ayoub wrote in Persian that he feels lonely—his family was killed by Daesh and he has traveled alone to Europe, hoping to start a new life away from conflict in France.


Nimco/Somalia/19 years old. “I love my Mom, I love my country Somalia.”


Salah/16 years old/Egypt. Salah’s family paid 3.000 Euros for his transportation from Egypt to Italy. He came on a small boat through the Mediterranean sea.


Nikghadam/Afghanistan/18 years old.


Khan/Afghanistan/14 years old. Kahn’s father was killed by the Taliban in 2014. His mother saved money to help him escape from the armed conflict in Afghanistan and start his journey to Europe. Kahn wrote on the picture “I love my Country” in Persian.


Semhar/Eritrea. Letter to friends and family.


Abdi Fatah/Somalia/20 years old. “You hurt my heart my dear, you hurt my heart.”