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Catching Waves in Rockaway

Posted by on July 19, 2017 | Photographer Interviews

New York City living and surf culture may not seem to mesh, but along the long arm that extends from Queens, around Brooklyn, is Rockaway Beach, where a thriving surf community congregates—some year-round, even in the freezing temperatures. Italian photographer Gabriele Griseri has made his way out to to the Rockaways to capture this surfing culture, which he says “goes beyond the meaning of sport or hobby.”

New York surfers also have some added obstacles: transportation out to the edge of Queens and the constant hustle of the city create conditions that are somewhat inhospitable to the idea of dropping everything and making it to the ocean for the right weather conditions. “You have to plan every single thing to make your surf session work,” Griseri says. “If everything goes right, you can definitely manage to escape from urban life and reconnect with nature.”

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All photos © Gabriele Griseri