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Sharon Draghi’s “Split Tree Road”

Posted by on July 7, 2017 | Photographer Interviews

Photographer Sharon Draghi turns the camera on herself, her family and their lives in the suburbs of New York for her series “Split Tree Road.” Draghi’s photographs muse on the solitariness of one’s inner world, which we each have regardless of the bonds we make and the spaces we share with family.

“It is about being together and apart, capturing quiet moments alone as well as our shared life with each other,” she writes. “Despite the fact that we are surrounded by friends and family, receiving love and stability through these relationships, we go through life alone, confronted with our unique fears, struggles, dreams and desires. It is this sense of existential loneness that I want to capture in my work. I’m also interested in looking at how our environment gives context to and reflects on our interior selves.”

To see more work from Draghi, visit sharondraghiphotography.com and follow her on Instagram @sharondraghi.