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The Cowboys and Cowgirls of Love Valley

Posted by on August 21, 2017 | Photographer Interviews

Tucked away in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina lies Love Valley, a town founded in the 1950s that is modeled after the Old West. With automobiles banned from the town limits, the small community relies on horses for transportation, and tourists are primarily drawn to the area for the miles of horseback riding trails around Love Valley.

It’s here that photographer Lila Barth traveled to photograph the series “Lucinda’s Valley,” named for her guide around the town, Lucinda, who Barth describes as a “hardened middle-aged woman who told me every secret of the valley.” Barth shoots film and her signature warm, dreamy tones lend itself to a town frozen in time, or as Barth says, “a town stuck pining for the past.”

All photos © Lila Barth