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Singles, Fall 2017

Posted by on September 21, 2017 | Student Photography

Check out our first Singles gallery, which appears in the Fall 2017 issue of PDNedu. This gallery features single images from student and emerging photographers. Be in our next collection of Singles: drop us a photo and caption at pdnedu@pdnonline.com.

While shooting on a Boston rooftop on a sunny winter evening, Mirisola asked models Delia and Julia to get close to catch the light in their eyes.

Jones’s series about six women in their 20s living together is a counter to the “misinformed” and “distorted” depictions of womanhood. Shot off-campus by Syracuse University, this image was taken before they parted ways for winter break.

Mennonite women sit near the edge of the cliffs over Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend—now a popular selfie spot for visitors—on a windy spring day in 2016.

This portrait, taken in London, is from a series for which Xu photographed seven longtime friends in seven different countries.

Lu Fran Motel, from the series “Ebb Tide,” which is set in the small shore towns of the Wildwoods in New Jersey. Haughey says this motel is a favorite of his: “It encompasses and effortlessly retains the aesthetic, optimism and playfulness of the postwar era better than any other.”

From the series “Living on the Line of Fire,” about the people who live in the front line of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine around the separatist city of Donetsk. This table belongs to a woman, Nelli, a former farmer who stayed in her village. Under the flowers lies a letter detailing what she wants to do when the war is over.

“A Sort of Poise” from the series “Cygnets,” which examines moments where innocence, in its imaginative naiveté, becomes increasingly at odds with a growing self-awareness. This image, Magowan says, captures the “performance” of “what refined and well-behaved little girls ought to look like.”

Cadet Dustin Sacchetti watches as a fellow cadet asks for directions on Fort Dix Army Base to the site of their fall field training exercise (FTX). Cadets from Fordham University’s ROTC program conduct practical training exercises once a semester, and participating in FTX is a rite of passage for many.

Students of JROTC wait to begin a performance at the 7th annual JROTC Military Ball for the Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus at Villa Barone Manor in the Bronx, New York City, in May 2017. [Support: Alexia Foundation/ CatchLight fellow with Reveal]

A portrait from “The Monolith Myth,” which began as an open call on social media, aiming to “dismantle the stereotype of the single Black experience” by emphasizing the individuality of each subject.