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Zero Gravity, High Fashion

Posted by on September 8, 2017 | Student Photography

Isn’t it everybody’s dream to travel to outer space? One Japanese fashion photographer, Reiko Wakai, says her dream came true when she had the chance to photograph model Stav Strashko in a zero-gravity environment. Captured as part of the grand prize in the Wix Capture Your Dream Photo Campaign, the photo shoot took place in a Zero-G Experience—a modified Boeing 727 aircraft that performs certain maneuvers to create a weightless environment, allowing passengers to temporarily float like astronauts without leaving the earth’s atmosphere. It’s not quite outer space, but it’s still pretty cool.

All photos © Reiko Wakai

For Wakai, a 2010 graduate of Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan, the fashion shoot offered an opportunity to not only have fun and experience something new, but also to create a unique set of high fashion images in a way she and her crew had never done before. “It was a chance to both challenge myself, a well-known model in Japan and an element that was not within our control: zero gravity,” she says.


The full gallery of images from the shoot can be found on Wakai’s website.

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