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Observations in Black and White

Posted by on October 24, 2017 | Student Photography

In Theo Carol’s black-and-white photography, he illustrates human emotion and encounters both present and implied—empty seats are pushed back from a cluttered dining table beneath two formal portraits, a child is obscured by laundry hanging out to dry, picture-taking tourists form an almost-perceptible network of sight lines.

A junior at Syosset High School in Long Island, New York, Carol’s approach to photography is serendipitous observation. He says: “I always carry my camera with me in case I see something interesting. Some of my favorite locations are diners, restaurants, and the woods of Maine, where I spend time in the summer with my family.”

Carol will show an image in two juried group shows next month: one at “The Creative Portrait,” which opens November 10 at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, and another at “American Collective: Contemporary Reflections on Landscape and Identity,” which opens November 3 at the Stitches and Pics gallery in Sackets Harbor, New York.

Follow Carol on his new Instagram page @theocarolphotography