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Marco Argüello’s “Chroma” Captures Aspects of Tourism Normally Not Photographed

Posted by on March 29, 2018 | Student Photography

Currently located in Athens, Greece, Marco Argüello was born in Texas to Paraguayan parents, and has lived in both Austin and Miami Beach. Entirely self-taught, his clients include Art Basel, Lexus, AFAR, and Travel +Leisure.

In his series, “Chroma,” Marco captures tourist environments in locations including Hungary, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, Cambodia, Morocco, Thailand, Bolivia, and Spain. Taken on a long sabbatical Argüello took in 2016, the gorgeously saturated photographs focus on the aspects of tourism normally left out of carefully composed Instagram posts.

“From outlandish decor in our hotel rooms, to selfie sticks, grocery shopping, these photos aim to reflect the sometimes ridiculous nature of tourism as well as the in-between moments that are often left out of those picture perfect ‘influencer’ style photos,” Argüello says of the series.

For more information about Argüello, visit his website. Below is a selection of images from “Chroma.” All images © Marco Argüello.