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Clifford Prince King Trains His Camera On Queer Black Youth

Posted by on April 10, 2018 | Student Photography

Raised in Tucson, Arizona, Clifford Prince King moved to Portland, Oregon, after graduating from high school. There, he began taking photographs that centered on themes of sexuality and coming of age. His subjects are mostly young, queer black men.

Currently based in Los Angeles, King’s photographs are both sensuous and uniquely his, showing men as objects of desire. In his images, men are both soft and beautiful. Below is a selection of King’s photographs from his series “Clogs and Cornrows,” a two-year-long project that “explores identity and shines light on black youth.”

For more information about King’s work, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram.

All images © Clifford Prince King.

Lovers, 2017

Snugs, 2016

Home, 2017

Marcus, 2017

Sonny and Travante, 2016

Murray’s, 2017

Standing on Cars, 2017

Use Me, 2016

Snugs, 2016

Working Girl