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Great Reads on Photography to Begin Your Summer

Posted by on May 29, 2018 | Education

Summer is here, and that can mean…well, boredom if you’re used to being engaged during the school year. Have no worries — summer is a great time to work on that personal project you’ve been thinking about for months. Or reading some things that will expand your perspective on the medium you love best — photography, of course.

Below are links to great reads to take you into the summer months. Culled from a list put together by Greg Scoblete, the technology editor at PDN and Rangefinder, these articles will keep you busy while you sunbathe. Lucky shutterbug!

Photography Groups Bring Women of Color into Focus – Bitch Media

Want to Market a Photo Book? Here’s What You Need to Know – PDN

The Photobook As Political Art – Conscientious Photographer

Walking the Streets with Geoff Dyer & Garry Winogrand – NYRB

The Royal Wedding Photographer Speaks – LA Times

Behind All Those Privacy Notices You’ve Been Getting – Wired

Solving a Decades-Old Ansel Adams Mystery – Atlas Obscura

The Secrets to Making Fine Art Prints – Rangefinder

America’s Opioid Catastrophe, Photographed – Time

Time Lets the Brutal Photos Speak for Themselves – Witness

Most Hyped Tech Products Are Useless – The Guardian

The Movement to Break Up Facebook Has Begun – Gizmodo