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An Exhibition in the Bronx Highlighted Latin American Photography

Posted by on July 24, 2018 | Contests/Events

An image from the Latin American Foto Festival, which was held in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx from July 12 through 22, 2018. Tinkuy is a traditional dance of the Andes. Men dressed like huallatas or andean geese native to the area, danced and ran around the territory of Chahuaytire before to begin the theatrical courtship with the single women of the community. Highlands of Pisac, Perú. 2016. Image © Sharon Castellanos / VII Mentor Program

From July 12 through 22, residents of the Melrose neighborhood in the South Bronx were treated to the Latin American Foto Festival, an installation of photo essays by prominent Latin American photographers. The exhibition, which was sponsored by the Bronx Documentary Center, encompassed the entire neighborhood, and was hung in community gardens, on the walls of schools, and along city sidewalks. An estimated 50,000 residents viewed the project.

Featured photographers hailed from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. An installation was devoted to FotoKids, a nonprofit that teaches photography to Guatemalan children.

For a selection of images from festival, see below. For more information, visit the Bronx Documentary Center’s website.

Untitled. Image © Misha Vallejo / Ecuador

A family harvesting coca leaves in the town of Santa Rosa, Peru, July 28, 2012. Image © Carlos Villalón / Colombia

“Llano” is an epic 10-year journey along the paths of the Llaneros, a people who live and travel along the savannas of the Orinoco basin in Colombia and Venezuela. Photo © Juanita Escobar / Colombia 

Alicia sits on her bed at her home in Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic on June 12, 2009. Image © Tatiana Fernández Geara / Dominican Republic

An Easter week procession in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala.CreditCarmen Petzey/Fotokids 2018

Loma de Cabrera, Dajabón – Nov. 9, 2014: Elena Julienne walks from her house to her stand to sell artisan products, including milk fudge, toasted cashew nuts, and coconut sweets. Originally from Haiti, Julienne is married to a Dominican man and has been selling sweets by this road for 14 years. Image © Tatiana Fernández Geara / Dominican Republic

Chonita Robinal, 16-years-old. Image © Fotokids