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Survey Finds That Most Artists Don’t Make a Living From Their Artwork

Posted by on July 25, 2018 | Education

In a survey conducted by The Creative Independent, a publication funded by Kickstarter, over 1,000 artists answered questions about their financial wellbeing. Their answers revealed that most artists rely primarily on freelance and contract work to make an average of $20,000—$30,000 a year. Only 12% of surveyed artists listed gallery sales among their top three income sources.

Along with finding that most artists have to piece together an income from alternate sources, the report based on the survey also found that “earning an art degree does not set artists up for financial stability.” Most artists noted that they found a way to make a living on their own or from peers — not from school or any other education opportunities.

To learn more about the survey, read Senior Editor Conor Risch’s original piece on PDN Pulse.