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Dylan Pearce Explores The Hidden World With His Uncanny Photographs

Posted by on September 12, 2018 | Photographer Interviews

An photograph by Dylan Pearce that was printed and sent to the donors of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia by the President of the institution. Pearce graduated from the University of the Arts in May, 2018.

Dylan Pearce’s path to becoming an artist was a natural one. His mother is a graphic designer; his father is an oil painter. “My whole family is very artistic and creative,” he told PDNedu.

Pearce first started studying art at Conestoga High School in Tredyffrin Township, Pennsylvania, eventually settling on photography as his main discipline — although he continues to experiment with different mediums. He attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he graduated with a degree in photography this past May. Currently, he is working as one of three staff photographers at Urban Outfitters, focusing specifically on imagery for their website.

A test shoot of model Kelia Ideishi. Image © Dylan Pearce.

Although Pearce sees a career path for himself in fashion and editorial photography, what he really enjoys is working on fine art and documentary projects. Currently, none of the series he is working on have taken an exact shape, but he is constantly adding to his portfolio by doing test shoots for modeling agencies, or taking carefully composed images on cross country trips. At the end of the year, he plans on traveling to China with his brother—and his cameras, which include a Canon G7X Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III, Mamiya RZ67 and Bronica RF645.

Eventually, Pearce would like to complete a series that can be exhibited or published in a book. In specific, he is interested in “constructed realities, this idea of something hidden behind what you’re looking at. You only get to experience part of something but you know that the whole thing is there.”

To learn more about Pearce’s work, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram.

Below is a selection of images from his portfolio. All photographs © Dylan Pearce.