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A Fashion Photography Workshop Hosted in Havana, Cuba, Engenders Editorial Worthy Images

Posted by on September 6, 2018 | Student Photography

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot staged by students from Dawson College who attended a one-week fashion photography workshop in Havana, Cuba this past March. Image © David Hopkins.

Havana, Cuba, lends itself well to fashion photography, given its mixture of Spanish colonial and baroque architecture. The streets are filled with dramatic, colorful facades, many of them untouched for decades; this lends the architecture a romance unique to Cuba.

This past March, Dawson College in Montreal held a one-week fashion photography workshop for its professional photography students in Havana. In total, eleven students and educators attended. They stayed in an AirBnb on the top floor of a neocolonial house, and staged shoots in a variety of locations including the Jose Vedado house — where Annie Leibowitz has also worked — and the Parque Jose Marti stadium, which was built in the 1940s.

Four models and a make-up artist were provided by the agency Cubamodela. The group brought all of the wardrobe and equipment in their luggage, as well as the lighting equipment, which included multiple speedlights, a monohead, stands, a collapsible beauty dish and softbox, as well as a handful of reflectors.

Below is a selection of photographs taken during the two days of shooting.

For more information about the professional photography program at Dawson College, visit their website.

Image © Bianca Boswell.

Image © Carina Cossenti

Image © Cindy Huard-Lauzon

Image © Gabrielle Paquette

Image © Grace Turnbull

Image © Pipa Jones

Image © Samiha Harun

Image © Tom Berthelot

Image © Xavier Hudon-MacDonald