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The Maturity of the Gaze in Theo Carol’s Photographs Belie His Age, Which Is Only 17

Posted by on September 10, 2018 | Photographer Interviews, Student Photography

All images © Theo Carol.

At 17, Theo Carol has already accomplished more than many photographers with graduate degrees. In 2017, his work was featured in numerous group shows, including at the Los Angeles Center of Photography; the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont; and Stitches and Pics gallery in Sackets Harbor, New York. He has been interviewed by the curator Elizabeth Avedon, and featured on this blog. He has yet to graduate from high school.

A digital native, Theo Carol posts much of his work on his Instagram page. His black and white images adeptly capture the intricacies of human personality, and are redolent of the work of the great Garry Winogrand.

In a recent email to PDNedu, he explained his process:

There are three things that I’m attracted to when taking pictures: humor, irony, and working with reflection and light. For me, a photograph must either make me laugh or make me think. When I’m out shooting I don’t really think about what I’m doing. It’s when I get back home, and look at my work, that I start to understand what interests me. This is all very new to me but it is an exciting process and I can’t wait to go out and take more pictures.

Below are a few of Carol’s recent images. We look forward to seeing how Carol grows as he matures into adulthood, although it’s difficult to imagine how his photographs can be much improved from their current state. Their wisdom and grace belie Carol’s relative inexperience.

To learn more, follow Theo Carol on Instagram.